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A delicious breakfast

I have been so negligent about posting lately, but wanted to share my amazing breakfast from this morning!


One roasted sweet potato with raw almond butter. It was so good that I had seconds. It sounds like an odd combination, but it was absolutely scrumptious.

Lunch today will probably be a salad. Snack is a lemon Quest bar and a diet coke. Dinner? Who knows.

Hope everyone is having a great week!


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The best laid plans, etc.

So much for posting more this week – it just flew by!

My food choices this week were pretty good. Breakfast now is usually an avocado. Morning snack is five prunes. Lunch is spicy lentils. Afternoon snack is a protein bar or fruit. Dinner is a sweet potato, black beans, or salmon, plus a yogurt or piece of fruit and veggies. I do struggle with getting veggies in… I need to work on that. I’ve been drinking 3-4 gallons of water a day (not a typo – it is HOT!)

I had a Starbucks gift card and calories to spare, so I tried a light cinnamon dolce latte that was allegedly 140 calories for a medium. It was not so bad, but nothing I’d get on a regular basis (especially since it was almost $5! Yikes!) I’ll stick with my coffee + 2 truvia & a mini creamer.

I did 4.5 miles/35 minutes on the elliptical last night and I still can’t stand it. I don’t know what it is about the elliptical, but I get so bored on it no matter what.

Weighed in at 125.8 this morning, so all is well on that front. It feels very weird to go into the summer without feeling like I need to lose weight. Maintenance is a strange beast & I do wonder if (or when) it will begin to feel more natural.

I keep meaning to post my before/after pics, but I can’t figure out how to put them together on my mac. The free photo collage websites look fairly decent but I’m squeamish about putting the unedited versions out there – I need to crop out my face.

Happy Friday, all!


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Start where you are.

I read so many blogs by folks who have just started to lose weight. Pinterest tells them to go spend $200 on food for three days, because if you don’t eat everything organic, you’ll fall over and die immediately. Health websites tell them not to bother with under an hour of fasted cardio. Other sites tell them that no one can lose weight, ever – in the long run, it always comes back. Some running sites will recommend a $400 GPS watch, new shoes, compression socks, a special water bottle, lululemon running outfits, and all the latest flavors of Gu or Shot Blocks or Clif gel or whatever the latest sugar-in-a-pouch concoction might be.

So these folks, with all the best intentions, blog their way through weeks (or, in some cases, years) of a “weight loss” journey. And, in many cases, they end up losing only a negligible amount of weight.

What’s the problem here?

Some would say that the answer is that most people can lose only a little bit of weight before their bodies rebel. I don’t really agree.

And on the one hand, I am loathe to leave unsupportive comments, because many of these people are engaging in new eating and exercise habits that will lead to health benefits regardless of weight.

But on the other hand, when I read another post from a random blogger (I’m being a little unclear for a reason – I don’t want to single anyone out) about how she can’t get under, say, 230, even though it’s all she wants … I wonder a little bit.

It seems that so many people focus on all the internet fads and end up not getting the results they want.

So here is my recommendation for people who are just beginning to lose weight or just beginning maintenance:

Start where you are.

You don’t need to go out and buy a bag of chia seeds.

You don’t need to go get the latest fashion in running crops.

You don’t need to go get that $60 sports bra that a blogger has.

Start where you are.

If that means cutting out soda and walking up the block to the gas station for exercise – that’s great.

If that means choosing a baked potato with salsa at a fast-food place instead of Value Meal #85, that’s great.

If that means using several packets of Crystal Light because you can’t stand water but you know that 25 diet cokes a day is bad for you, well, thank goodness Crystal Light is cheap at Costco.

Start where you are.

You don’t need the compression socks, the foam roller, the Garmin, or the latest Brooks shoes.

You don’t need to do Couch to 5k to start running. (It was certainly far too difficult for me when I started losing weight. Just add whatever intervals you can. If that’s five seconds at a time – start there.The best thing I ever did to start losing weight was to get off the couch and walk a block to the gas station for a candy bar. This is not a joke. Just getting out of the house and getting into a daily walking habit was how it all began.)

You don’t need to cut down your calories to 1,200 a day. (In fact, that’s probably not a great idea anyway, but that’s a topic for another post.) There’s a strong argument, I believe, for just starting by tracking your food without trying to make any dietary changes in order to get a sense of what your intake looks like.

Start where you are. and keep. going.

It pays off.

I promise.

***This is not to say that these habits will make people skinny. At the end of the day, they won’t. But what they will do — is get you off to a start and get you to cultivate good habits intentionally. Making many small changes now will make it a heck of a lot easier in the future to make big changes.


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Life After Obesity

In the past few weeks, I’ve had several bizarre experiences:

1. I wore a dress that hit above my knees for the first time in over a decade! In public! (I did, however, wear bike shorts underneath, because you can never be too protected from wardrobe malfunctions when you’re chasing a toddler.)

2. The same dress? showed my arms. Whoa. And I didn’t spend the whole time worrying about how I looked in it.

3. In the past few months, I have taken a million pictures of me with my son, and I only hate 3 of them (because they’re blurry – not because I don’t like how I look.) In fact, I like taking photographs now, because I finally feel comfortable with how I look.

4. 30 minutes on the bike isn’t a “workout” anymore – it’s just something to do at the end of the day because it makes me super happy and I feel sooo much better after it.

5. I am having trouble finding clothes that fit because I’m too *small.* (This is the CRAZIEST EXPERIENCE EVER.)

6. Someone told me I was “dainty.” Hahahahaha but seriously, it was kind of cool.

7. I don’t get super sweaty on moderately warm days anymore. I used to sweat buckets – it was kind of outrageous.

8. I no longer get heat rash on my inner thighs. I no longer have a diabetic rash on my underarms or neck.

9. I sat on a table the other day without fear of breaking it.

10. I have been “window shopping” at various online boutiques to buy a strapless summer dress. The last time I wore anything strapless was… ten? years ago, at my high school prom.

11. My toddler saw a picture of me from when I was 240 pounds and didn’t recognize me in it. He started yelling, “dada! dada!” — which is funny, because my husband is not a large person!

I still struggle with buying clothes in the right size. When I first go into a store, I tend to immediately go to the XL racks… it’s strange. And I still struggle with seeing myself as a larger individual. This is particularly odd in light of the fact that – when I was much larger – I used to always expect to be smaller in the mirror and in photos. And now that I am smaller, I can’t get used to seeing that.

And now for some interesting news…

Part of life after obesity is the harsh reality that my skin has stretched out a little bit. While it’s not terrible and certainly not anything like some of the loose skin photos I’ve seen on the internet, I’m not a huge fan of my lower abdomen. I always thought a tummy tuck would involve way too much recovery time and would be far too expensive for us. And at this point, I have a 25 inch waist. The loose skin doesn’t make a difference for my clothing size and I look just fine if it’s covered up.


A friend told me today about a procedure called a “mini tummy tuck,” where the surgeon only removes loose skin from below the navel. It’s much less expensive, and involves a very short recovery time.

So I emailed my husband and asked him what he thought… and he said to go ahead and set up some consultations.


This could actually happen!


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