Blogs I Read

This is a list of blogs I follow for weight loss, running, and healthy living inspiration, as well as updates on food and nutrition policy issues. Do you have a blog, too? Leave the link in a comment below!

Weight Loss Blogs

Runs for Cookies:

Thin After Twins:

Babe Before Baby:

Leap of Taste:

In Progress for Good:

Jodi, Fat or Not:

Creative Weighs:

Carly Shrinks:

111 Pounds:

Beth’s Journey:

Onederland or bust:

Goal of Losing:

Running Blogs


Another Mother Runner:

Dietitian on the Run:

Mile Posts:

Healthy Living Blogs

Oh She Glows: (vegan)

Skinny Meg:

Miles, Muscles & Mommyhood:

Weight Maintenance Blogs

The World According to Eggface (post-gastric bypass):


Debra’s Just Maintaining:

Food/Nutrition Policy Blogs

Weighty Matters: (If this blog by obesity medicine doc Yoni Freedhoff isn’t on your reading list, you’re missing out!)

Marion Nestle’s Food Politics:


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