I’m a busy mom & wife who, like so many other women, has battled weight issues for years. When I got pregnant, I tipped the scales at 241 pounds. I delivered my baby in July 2011. By then, I was weighing in at 260 pounds. During my pregnancy, I developed severe insulin-dependent gestational diabetes. The GD required shots every night. I knew that, if I didn’t get my act together, I’d be facing Type II diabetes before long.

I wanted to lose weight, but the prospect of having so much to lose was totally overwhelming. I couldn’t even get my calories straightened out for a day – how was I supposed to get under 225 pounds, much less under 200?? I started out with very slow changes. I ate homemade salads with delicious spring greens topped with goat cheese, walnuts, and balsamic dressing rather than Chick-Fil-A carryout. That got me to about 220 pounds in December 2011.

In December 2011, I started walking. I originally just walked from our little apartment up the block to our neighborhood mini-mart to buy a candy bar. While this wasn’t the best choice, it got me to develop the critical habit of getting out the door. Each day, I’d walk a little farther. We’re not talking miles here, folks – I mean just half a block more per day.

By January 1, 2012, I was 213 pounds. I knew it was time to crack down. I started walking a little more.

In February 2012, I joined myfitnesspal. By then, I was walking 1.5 miles or so per day. One weekend, I grabbed my husband and told him we were going to walk four miles. It sounded impossible, and took almost two hours, but we did it!

I started “running” in May 2012. Just as when I started walking, it was just a matter of going a little bit at a time. I’d run from one stop sign to another, pushing my jogging stroller.

Now, I’m sidelined with a femoral stress fracture, but am very much looking forward to getting back to exercise ASAP. I’m using this time off of running to explore weightlifting, which is pretty exciting.

The title “mama runrunrun” was inspired by my toddler, who exclaimed “mama! runrunrun!” when he saw my running spandex in the laundry. I want him to see me living a healthy, joyful life – not stuck on the sidelines.

I hope to use this space to post about how I lost the weight, what a day looks like for me now, what I eat/bake/cook at home, and how my husband tolerates my increasing addiction to buying exercise clothes.


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