I just wasted an hour at the DMV. UGH.

Life got crazy yesterday, so lunch turned into two protein bars. 420 calories for 28g protein isn’t a great deal. And I hate eating fake stuff but sometimes it just happens.

Breakfast today was coffee & a spinach shake at 7 am, as per usual. Morning snack was two hard-boiled eggs. Lunch was the usual salad. Since the trip to/from the DMV involved lots of walking, I decided on frozen yogurt with strawberries for an afternoon snack. Dinner is salmon with half a sweet potato. Pretty typical day. I’ll squeeze in a half hour on the bike after the toddler falls asleep. There may or may not be a scotch involved if I’m up late working.

I’m hoping the week will get a little less crazy, but am not terribly optimistic. I’m glad that meals this week are (mostly) ordinary, since nothing else is. Here’s to hanging in there!


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