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I just wasted an hour at the DMV. UGH.

Life got crazy yesterday, so lunch turned into two protein bars. 420 calories for 28g protein isn’t a great deal. And I hate eating fake stuff but sometimes it just happens.

Breakfast today was coffee & a spinach shake at 7 am, as per usual. Morning snack was two hard-boiled eggs. Lunch was the usual salad. Since the trip to/from the DMV involved lots of walking, I decided on frozen yogurt with strawberries for an afternoon snack. Dinner is salmon with half a sweet potato. Pretty typical day. I’ll squeeze in a half hour on the bike after the toddler falls asleep. There may or may not be a scotch involved if I’m up late working.

I’m hoping the week will get a little less crazy, but am not terribly optimistic. I’m glad that meals this week are (mostly) ordinary, since nothing else is. Here’s to hanging in there!


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No Worries

I’m so enjoying the beginning of spring. When this time of year rolls around, I want country music, roasted veggies, fresh fruit, and drinks with little umbrellas. Oh, and plenty of sun!

Alas, it’s raining this morning, so I wore a bright pink top to try to get some cheer in.

Today started out well. Breakfast was a spinach shake (2.5 tbsp chocolate PB2, 1c almond milk, 4 c organic spinach, 1 frozen banana) and I just had a banana for a snack. This is the time of year when I get super busy at work for about two weeks. Last time this happened, I lived off of gross protein bars. I’m aiming to do things differently this time around. We loaded up on bananas, microwaveable spicy lentil pouches, black beans, and spinach this past weekend… I don’t mind eating a can of cooked black beans (I’ve heard it’s best to rinse then after cooking to get a lot of the salt off) topped with 2 tbsp sour cream for dinner. It’s certainly better than fast food, and for ~400 calories total, packs a good amount of nutrition.

Lunch today should be the same salad as always (chickpeas, edamame, 1 tbsp balsamic dressing + balsamic vinegar drizzled over, arugula, 2 tbsp nuts, and maybe blue cheese if I’m feeling adventurous.)

I biked for 45 minutes on Saturday night, but didn’t get in any exercise yesterday (save maybe 1.5 miles of walking.) I’m hoping to at least get some more walking in today.

I have learned that, so long as I keep my calories in line, the scale stays in line, too. (Miracle of miracles – ha.) So, I may not weigh myself as frequently anymore – I’m slowly letting go of that. If I start eating poorly again, I’ll definitely weigh in daily. But for now… I’m just focusing on food. It’s okay for my weight to bounce around between 124.8 and 126.8… that’s quite a pleasant range for me to be in. (And it’s a weight I haven’t seen since I was ten years old – no lie.)

Even in the time crunch – it is really, really nice to wake up and know that the clothes in my closet are going to FIT, and they’re going to look halfway decent. It is such a relief to know that I don’t have to worry about squeezing into my pants.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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Why I Gained Weight

Why I Gained Weight

For real. This is so true (at least for me.) I have no idea where this is from but just found it somewhere online.

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April 25, 2013 · 2:07 pm


Yesterday was great! We had a lovely dinner out. I had two (small) glasses of sangria (probably 8 oz total), some chips, maybe 1/3c guacamole, and two veggie tacos with roasted sweet potatoes and kale. The combination was fantastic. That, plus close to 5 miles of walking, made for a really fun night. I’m not pretending that the walk “burned off” my dinner or anything like that… but going for a walk after a meal does so much to help digestion, blood sugar, and general well-being. I still can’t walk fast for exercise or run, but my knee is holding up quite well. So that was a plus.

Today’s menu

Breakfast: strawberry Chobani, a hard-boiled egg, and coffee with single creamer (240 cal)

Snack: 3 clementines (100 cal)

Lunch: Huge salad with arugula, balsamic, 1/2c chickpeas, 1/3c edamame, 2 tbsp slivered almonds, and 1 oz gorgonzola (400 cal)

Afternoon snacks: 1/2 c frozen yogurt with 1 c strawberries (It’s so hot here today – this will be perfect) + nu go free bar (340 cal)

Dinner: 1.5 c cooked black beans, 200g sweet potato topped with cinnamon, roasted zucchini and squash (420 cal)

Workout: 30 minutes on the bike after the toddler goes to sleep, ~2 miles of walking

Post-workout: 2 hard-boiled eggs (140 cal)

I am totally on the summer frozen yogurt train. I need the extra calcium for my bone fracture. 😉 1/2 c frozen yogurt topped with a ton of berries makes for a really delicious dessert. We have a nice frozen yogurt shop about a mile and a half from our house, so it’s quite pleasant to load up the toddler in the stroller in the evenings, walk over, get some yogurt, and then walk home.

Happy Wednesday, all!

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124.8 this AM.

Maintenance is so much more difficult than weight loss – it is hard to see a lower number and not think, “Great! On the way down!” I’m glad it was down this morning, but it’s not like I lost 2 lbs of real weight overnight. Maybe I was just retaining water for a few days? Who knows. I hate to sound obsessive about the scale, but I am TERRIBLE with gauging where my weight is depending on how my clothes fit and how I feel. When I’ve tried to do that in the past, I’ve gained 10+ pounds very quickly.

Moving right along… today’s menu.

Breakfast: 1 banana, 1/2 tbsp crunchy peanut butter, coffee

Snack: 3 hard-boiled eggs

Lunch: Enormous salad with 5-6c arugula, chickpeas, edamame, balsamic, and almonds + a banana on the side

Snack: nu go free bar

Dinner: Out with work colleagues. I picked the restaurant; it’s one known for very good options and it lets you order “a la carte.” I’ve eaten there before & been impressed. I’ll likely have a glass of sangria, a small serving of guacamole, and either fish or two chicken tacos on corn tortillas.

Exercise: Approx. 4 miles of walking.

Not so bad. Not enough vegetables, but I’ll work on that tomorrow…

Happy Tuesday, all!

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Today was a good day. Last night was a strange aberration – I am just not going to worry about it because weird things happen and today was right back to normal.

Breakfast: 1/2c cottage cheese, raspberries

Snack: nu go free bar

Lunch: Enormous salad with 5-6 c arugula, chickpeas, edamame, walnuts, balsamic

Snack: strawberry chobani, banana

Dinner: Sweet potato with cinnamon

Dessert: 1/2 c frozen yogurt + 1 c berries on top

Exercise: 3-4 miles of walking, push-ups, chasing after the toddler, 8 miles on the bike

I much prefer to consume most of my calories in the morning/afternoon — by the time dinner rolls around, I want something small.And now I’m off to bed. Good night, all!

P.S.: it looks like I snack a lot. I do. My blood sugar still sucks and while it doesn’t run high anymore, it is easy for it to get too low. Hangry MR = no good for anyone involved.



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stress eating.

today turned out to be



one of those days where you need a reset button,

for a whole variety of reasons, not a single one of which belongs on the internet.

And even just last month… based on the challenges from today… I would have gone running for the hummus. Or the Cabernet (not that we have any at home, but we were out.) Or those random chocolate chips I had forgotten about in the back of the cupboard.

Instead… I ate twelve mini mandarin oranges. From Costco. Each has about 30-40 calories.

While I need to not self-comfort with food (for all the obvious reasons)… I didn’t get morbidly obese from eating oranges. (On an average day, when I was 240+, I ate no vegetables. At all. I should do a “what I used to eat” post in the future.)

So I allowed myself as many oranges as I wanted.

And while I don’t want to do this every day… I’m going to count avoiding all potential crap foods on an extraordinarily emotionally difficult day as a victory.

And now … I’m going to bed.


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